Antidote is the second single from Sky Li's debut album Defined. Unlike it's predecessor Spiderweb, which is mostly a trap track, Antidote is a dark dance ballad.


Sky Li said he started writing the song in April 2015, and he's been revising it for over 4 years. He said he only came to the song in his darkest times and he finished writing it in June 2019, and he finished recording it in December 2019. He said it took him six months to record it because whenever he recorded it he felt like it didn't capture the true feeling of the song.

Lyrically, the song is about the negative effects of love, including both break-ups and someone not returning the feelings back.


The song is a dark dance ballad. It contains elements of pop, dance and rock music. Sky Li said the song was always a dance song, but he used rock instrumentals and his cello and violin to compose the track. He said he wanted to combine the elements of something you would 'dance your life away' with with something you would listen to while thinking dark thoughts and 'sobbing uncontrollably', because he felt like the song was about trying to use happiness to forget dark thoughts but in the end they would always come back to haunt you.

Sky Li has said that the song was one of the two most personal songs to him on the album, along with I Remember.

Chart historyEdit

The song debuted at #85. It has so far peaked at #49.

Music videoEdit

The music video contains Sky Li spending time with friends. It contains flashes of scenes such as him and someone else throwing stuff at each other and smashed glass on the floor as well as scenes of Sky Li crying. The video ends with Sky Li dropping his friends off and immediately after, crying inside of his car.

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