Defined is Sky Li's debut album. Released on May 20, 2022, it is a dance album that also contains elements of pop, synthpop, house and trap.

So far, two singles have been released: Spiderweb and Antidote. The singles have achieved great success in the United States as the former peaked at #1 for 6 weeks while the latter peaked just under the top spot at #2.

Released May 20, 2022
Recorded July 2021-March 2022
Label Scream Records
Singles 1. Spiderweb
2. Antidote


On June 27, 2021, Sky announced he was working on his debut album. He said that he was currently in the writing process. On August 12th, Sky tweeted 'finished writing Terrorizing Me', confirming a possible track on the album.

On October 1, Sky tweeted that High On Love would also be included on the album. On October 25, he tweeted that he had finished writing 8 songs for the album, and he needed to write 10 more. On November 12, he apologized for the wait of the album, saying that the process was taking long due to school. On December 4, he announced that the first single would be called 'Spiderweb'. On December 10, he announced that it would be released on December 24.

On January 2, he posted a picture of the first verse of handwritten lyrics of I Remember.

On March 5, Sky Li released a lyric video for the song Body. On the same day, he announced that 'I Remember' was definitely going to make the cut, confirming it for the album. On March 11, he announced that the album was completed, it would be titled 'Defined' and that it would be released sometime before June. On March 20, he announced that the second single, Antidote would be release on March 27.

On March 27, with Antidote's release, Sky Li revealed that the album would have a total of 12 tracks and also that the album would be release on May 20.


Sky Li appeared on 4 TV shows to promote the album. During these shows, he performed the following setlist:

  • High On Love
  • Thief of Hearts
  • Antidote


  1. Spiderweb (December 24, 2021) #1 [6w]
  2. Antidote (March 27, 2022) #2


  1. Cosmic Dust
  2. Body
  3. Terrorizing Me
  4. Thief of Hearts
  5. I Remember
  6. Our Love
  7. Magnet
  8. High on Love
  9. Spiderweb
  10. Antidote
  11. I Thought
  12. Til It Dies

Commercial successEdit

The album debuted at #3 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100.

Country Peak
Australian Albums 18
Brazilian Albums 46
Canadian Albums 12
Chinese Albums 98
Dutch Albums 64
French Albums 27
German Albums 23
Italian Albums 42
Korean International Albums 7
New Zealand Albums 15
Norwegian Albums 25
Spanish Albums 63
Swedish Albums 15
UK Albums 9
US Albums 3

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